Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When there's 'nothing to eat'

I had 'nothing to eat' so I cooked all this. :) To start I had chicken and celery in the fridge so guess what I made? Yes! I threw this together to take to work. The chicken had a little garlic salt on it but the celery was just salt and pepper. It was cooked in my fancy Rachael Ray pan, a gift from my mom. It has a grill-type bottom so after the chicken was mostly done I threw in the celery and it worked great. It was a very satisfying meal. Cleanup was easy as I emptied my kettle into the pan after making tea. No problem.

Late-night-after-work craving this week was mashed potatoed made with these cute little guys.

The finished product just looks like mashed potatoes... I did use my Gramma's potato-ricer tool which is amazing. I would have a photo but it's need some more steel wool action so it will be revealed in due time.
-Spuds, boiled until soft
-Almond and Cashew Mimic Cream
-Garlic, minced
-Daiya cheddar cheese

This was my final meal made before the weekly shopping trip. I made a bucket-load to take to work and eat as needed for a couple days. It was a bit of 'everything left in the fridge.'

-Quinoa pasta, cooked
-Turkey hotdogs
-The last bit of Mimic Cream
-Daiya cheese

Steam broccoli with a bit of water, throw in hot dogs, throw in everything else-it's a fry pan meal, my favorite type. I don't have set ratios for liquid/solid, I always add things as needed.

What a breakfast/dinner, whatever. It's 9AM gnight.

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