Friday, March 23, 2012

Best GF Pizza in Portland!

This is by far the best pizza I have had in two years was at the Sellwood Pizza Kitchen in Sellwood, Oregon (yes Sellwood). It is true artisan gluten free pizza! I unfortunately only found this place approximately three weeks before moving out of Portland but I plan on going back when I visit. This was the best crust I have found; crispy and delicious. Doesn't taste like cardboard. The toppings are delicious and very well done. It tastes like real pizza! It was a very Mom and Pop environment, incredibly welcoming. The waitress offered me a glass a new wine they were sampling. Very fun. Family friendly yet quiet, lots of regulars. Must try in Portland!

Christmas 2012

Playing catch up. 

We were good this year. :) It may have been the best Christmas dinner ever!

Carving up the prime rib. 

Grampa and Gramma: Prime Rib
Aunt Leslie: Brussel Sprouts
Aunt Becky: Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Onions
Mom: Cabbage Salad
Me: Black Rice Salad and Tarragon Cooked Carrots (These recipes were fantastic, I'm happy to provide recipes upon request, once I get moved in and find them)

Followed with Allergy Free Apple Spice Cake with Spiced Frosting from Living Without Magazine. It was fantastic and is highly recommended. We used too much frosting but man it looks great!

Visit to Lompoc, CA (in November 2012)

I'm a little behind. I just want to catch up for historian stake. 

Paella at Beachside restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA. Non-traditional but clearly delicious!

Followed by lots of home cooking from mom and me with Great Aunt Suzie and Great Uncle Bryce's help. We cooked up tacos and had steak night! 

Mom's birthday dinner at Steamer's restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA just north of Lompoc. This is my family's favorite restaurant to visit for a special occasion. We each got our own mini-bottle of Freixenet cava. Yum!

Mom's scampi with mashed potatoes and gravy!

My allergy-free fish tacos!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Oregon to Virginia!

So much to share! I just completed my Naval Officer training in Newport, RI and have arrived at my ultimate duty station-Portsmouth Naval Medical Center near Norfolk, Virginia. I have a three year contract here and I could not be more excited for the food adventures that await me! I also look forward to sharing the ones I had on the way in Newport, Boston, New York City, Baltimore, and Norfolk. For now I must house hunt so I can get back to cooking as soon as possible!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Look!

So excited! Thanks sis for the great new blog design. I've been lacking on posts lately due to holidays, news of my new naval career and because I couldn't post on something so ugly. I'm excited to get back online and get things rolling! Happy new year! In less than 30 days I'll be headed 3000 miles to start my new career as a Naval Officer in the Nurse Corps. After 5 weeks of training in Rhode Island I'll head to Virginia where the Portsmouth/Norfolk area will be my new home. Can't wait! Hoping to continue published my food adventures, especially those in the military. Wish me luck!