Monday, November 1, 2010


The Creation of Catwoman:

Old Leather Riding Pants that I no longer where (but now may consider)
Sparkle Yarn Thread
Awl (poker tool)
A BIG needle
A lot of time, piercing each hole with the awl then sewing takes a long time

Stitching of the pants, Michelle Pfeiffer style.

Attempt at black hair. Unfortunately my hair is dyed so I knew it would be a challenge. I left it in for 30 min. and blowed dried it (prolly fairly toxic).

It held a littttttle bit. Ok I guess for $8.

CLAWS! They fell off shortly after but, were nice for photos.

Catwoman and a kitty! (Thanks for being a prop Jynx)

Black Sparkly Felt
Sparkle yarn thread
Two hair pins
I pinned the mask to my glasses which was nice for easy on and off!

Thanks for the top Barbara!

-Important accessories
Black whip (Thanks James!)
Deadly black boots
Hot motorcycle


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  1. Hisssss. Your hair is super cute that short, btw. Love it.