Thursday, November 11, 2010

Allergy-Friendly Tahoe!

The Fresh Ketch restaurant at the marina in Tahoe was incredible!

We walked in and sat down with a view of the marina. I alerted them to my allergies and they were immediately receptive. The manager came to our table and said that his girlfriend has Celiac disease so he understands the frustration and difficulty of going out. I handed him my allergy 'calling card' and he sought out to see what he could do. He returned with a variety of choices asking me what sounds good. They seemed just as excited to be creative in the kitchen and meet my needs-as I was to eat the food. It was an excellent meal and it's always nice to feel special and not... without (just like I did at camp :).

My customized dish of seared scallops laid on potatoes and broccolini with a passion fruit reduction sauce. The originial dish was: scallops with potato hash cakes (cheesey), baby carrots and passion fruit beurre blanc (creamy).

They ended the meal with something that they had 'tried out' earlier in the week. It is not on the menu and is a work in progress. Knowing I couldn't have other desserts, the manager brought out a cucumber, black pepper sorbet. It had an initial fresh cucumber taste and ended with a black pepper punch. It was fantastic. He even knew that black pepper has anti-inflammatory properties. He said he hopes to serve it as an appetizer-perhaps with oysters. It's a bit of a bang to have at the end of a meal but, I was excited to taste it for him.

Edna had salmon with broccolini and rice pilaf topped with onions and beets.

Debra had fettuccine alfredo with chicken. Very pretty.

Leo had cioppino (fish stew) with lots of fresh seafood.

Leo had to gear up for the shellfish.

Ready Set Go!

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