Monday, November 15, 2010

Lake Tahoe Nevadadventure!

Yes! I was fortunate to be taken on a Nevadadventure (coined by Rift). We went to Lake Tahoe during my time in Reno and of course it was beautiful! Some interesting information: Lake Tahoe is largest alpine lake in North America. The maximum depth is 1,645 ft. The maximum elevation is 6,229 ft. Lake Tahoe's water is 99.9% pure. The water is so clear that a 10 inch white dinner plate would be visible at 78 feet below the surface. There are also five 24-hour casinos in South Lake Tahoe. Important information. :)

My goddaughter/cousin Debra and I!

Twisted tree over the lake.

Mountains behind the lake.

Some very dedicated, crazy jet skiers, it was probably about 45 degrees for the high.

Our mini-snowman.

Eagle Falls.

Here's Uncle Leo.

A great shot, lots of snow!