Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Product Review #2 (sounds good)

So here is the first of many to-be allergy-free product reviews. These are incredibly important to those allergy folks out there because many store-bought allergy-free items taste like... crap or shredded cardboard.

So for your viewing pleasure we have a customer review of Gluten Free Dairy Free frozen pizza. Yes, people that are forced to eat healthy crave processed food too.

I was pleasantly surprised with the lake of cardboard-ness. The crust was like a thin crust pizza. The lack of cheese was fine with the sweet onion sauce. The toppings were nothing to talk about. Could add prosciutto, sausage, real roasted peppers or sun-dried tomatoes. But for a late night snack after paper-chain making and working on a Halloween costume, it was satisfying. Rating 4/5 stars (mostly because of the crust).

Excellent pairings for this pizza: Sweet Baby Ray's which always adds something to any meal or whiskey. In my case I chose both. Yay for my Friday night on a Monday night!

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