Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More food at Brasserie!

Matt and I headed out for a fancy Saturday night dinner. I wanted to wear high heels and drink champagne so I we use my dinner groupon to Brasserie Monmarte. We had a wonderful night of great food and fun. 

I felt very comfortable ordering allergy-free. I told the waitress I was gluten free and dairy free and started to describe what that was and she told me not to worry. At first I was not sure but she said that all she needs to know is no diary and no gluten and the chefs know what to do. I trusted this and had no issues! Very nice. Great service. Gluten Free Entree: Idaho trout with chanterelles and spinach. Yum!

Matt went for the not-so-allergy-free special. Rib-eye sandwich with mashed potatoes and onion rings. He was very satisfied. :-)

Live music in the bistro so we sat there. Have yet to sit in the dining room but oh well. Great food and great night. This may be in my top ten favorite places. 

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