Monday, April 18, 2011

Never been one for brownies but...

My family didn't make brownies much. We had a hard time getting past the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. But Betty Crocker, the woman who defines yellow cake with chocolate frosting inspired me to give it a go.

Why gluten free? A co-worker of Betty apparently, was diagnosed with Celiac disease. This opened her eyes to the challenges people face. No one wants to miss a birthday cake or homemade cookie after a game. So here it is! GF Betty Crocker products made in a GF processing facility. (via the box)

Add eggs (flax) and butter.

This is where it gets hazy. I have no idea how to bake brownies but this just doesn't look right.

Nor does this. :-/ It looks like Hexxus from Ferngully.

10 minutes later out of the oven, Now they look burnt, but they're still gooey. I want to let it sit in the oven with the door open after the timer goes off so it can 'set' and not just be a mess.

Not sure what the trick is. Obviously, one can still choke down some crunchy/gooey/chocolaty-ness.

We'll see how the next batch goes.

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