Sunday, February 21, 2010


So now I'm also allergic to a milk protein-casein which means cheese is no-go too. AND my peanut and almond allergy was re-evaluated and came back positive. Kinda sucks because I ate peanuts and dairy all week. More adjustments. BUT I am 6 POUNDS lighter since two weeks ago so... cheers!

via US Recall News-yep, I got the photo from a news article about the salmonella outbreak-the original source of my current dire straits

via OregonLive
-I'm gonna really, really miss you. But in Albuquerque it's $8/lb. so it's probably a good thing.

I have decided that goat milk and cheese is ok. The casein protein is different and there is much less of it in the milk. Goat cheese will also be a good, alternative sandwich-spread to mayo, since I'm still not the biggest fan of mustard.


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