Sunday, February 21, 2010


I went out to Gramma's and got some canning jars to put my gluten-free flours in, at least to hold off my urge to go to Ikea. The flours come in crummy plastic packaging that can easily rip and since they're NOT particularly cheap I decided to make sure they are safe. Since I'm still an amateur, I cut the labels off and taped them to the jars-so I don't forget what to do them! My sis has made the pizza crust for me which, Alex and scarfed down and Alex and I also made a chocolate cake mix which, is still in my fridge and isn't bad. I find myself not eating it as much as I thought-I would rather have a Chilean nectarine! mmm

All purpose flour, flaxseed meal (egg replacement), buckwheat waffles and pizza crust.

Oh my, I just had an awful vision of mixing up the buckwheat with the pizza crust, yuck! Buckwheat is pretty weird though, I feel I could pick it out easily.

I also am borrowing some canisters my housemate, Marie, isn't using for my brown-rice flour, tapioca flour, and the package of cornbread mix she got for me. :-) Flour/mix galore. I need to get cookin!

I'm all posted-out now, I'm gonna get my butt outside!

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  1. You can also label your jars with a sharpie. It comes off pretty easy with alcohol (or just water and a rag if you rub hard enough). That's what I do for my various rices and such - mark which kind it is and how it needs to be prepared. :)