Thursday, August 12, 2010


Due to a 4-day stomach ache I decided to make Green Soup. It's the recipe from my mom's friend, Linda. It's a very alkaline, cleansing, nutritious soup.
4 zucchini (from a garden-we have lots)
1 head? of celery
1 bunch of parsley
2 BIG handfuls of green beans

Snap the ends of the beands, chop the veggies and cover with just enough water (not too much!). Let boil and cook for about 30 min. Remove from heat and immersion blend! or whatever you have. Eat with black pepper. I was also thinking about yellow onion and Gramma recommended garlic. You can spice it up or not. Black pepper and onions help with inflammation so those are recommended for the allergy-free cleansing.


Are you as excited at I am?!!! YAY! Mom and I finally stopped AT Bob's Red Mill-the big red building on 224 that we drive by all the time. And it was INCREDIBLE, a truly life-changing experience. Everyone should go there and I when I say everyone I especially mean folks with allergies. They have a cafe that serves vegan GF options. I picked up this amazing loaf of vegan GF bread that rocks. I wanna buy like 10 loaves. It is MUCH better than the other Whole Foods options I have tried. I had toast for breakfast and CB&J for lunch! I also bought a GF vanilla cake mix, polenta, buckwheat flour, and a REALLY cool magazine called Living Without. PLEASE check this out my allergy-free friends, it will definitely be worth your time. BAM! CB & J never tasted so GOOD!

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