Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forgotten Cooking Adventure!

I almost forgot about these! I just found some photos on my camera of the fish tacos I made before I left Albuquerque. I had used up a lot of my food but was able to throw this together. I breaded the Tilapia in tapioca flour because that was all the gluten-free-ness I had left at Jordan's and it turned out great! The fish was delicious-don't cook it too long. Just add cilantro, veggies, and guac-and a rum and coke and call it good! Mmmm


  1. I <3 tacos, but never could get myself into the rum and cokes.

    Did you know that EVERYONE's birthday is on the 29th? Seriously - EVERYONE!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow (technically. :)

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