Thursday, February 28, 2013

Resolution: Sweat and Spice

It's been a year since I posted anything, a year since I left Portland, a year in the Navy. I haven't continued my food blog for many reasons: A. The food in Virginia is not better than Portland B. Regardless of how amazing my cooking is, I still don't think it's that cool. C. I didn't want to have any more hobbies that involve me sitting on my ass. So today I've decided I have something worth while to write about and since it's 4AM and I can't sleep-what else is there to do. 

Sweat and Spice
Wherever I am and Whatever I eat, I want to feel the burn.

To start this year I decided on a few things. One was that my sister and I were going to start a long distance workout program called #sissyfit. It is a way to be accountable to someone for working out. I was pretty skeptical when my sister proposed the idea but it's been working great! When we run we instagram a photo #sissyfit and record our distances on Nike+. My goals for the past two months have been to run 45 miles! I can't believe I'm 90 miles into the year. Always good to have someone who can hassel you about working out. 

The second part of my new year has been an addiction to eating anything that tastes like fire. Whether it's Sriracha mayonaise on my sandwich, or never eating a fried egg without Tapatío, sign me up! I have yet to have 'too much' garlic, ginger, onion, cilantro, not to mention red chili paste, spicy mustard, wasabi, or tabasco. When I go out I should ask for a menu and the hot sauce. This initially started when my roommate was trying to quit smoking-needed another way to 'get a fix.' My taste buds now require a royal kick in the pants to be satisfied at nearly every meal. I carry red chili flake in my purse and have started collecting money towards the hot sauce fund at work. I don't mind crying while I eat. 

So there you have it, my current obsession in life of feeling the burn. 

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  1. Yay! Great post! Love the sweat and spice. I too have 'refined' my taste buds for all things spicy. It just makes everything taste so much better!

    Also- #Sissyfit has been really great! I hope we can keep it up this year (although we may have to figure out something different when you go on your boat adventure :)