Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Great Happy Hour!

My sister, friend and I were out vintage shopping and decided to stop at Brasserie Monmarte for happy hour. To our surprise it was utterly fantastic. It was chic, classy, and delicious. It was also surprising allergy free even though the French cannot could without crème. 

Here are some of our dishes:

Les Frites flavored with duck fat and rosemary with garlic aioli. These were rich and fantastic. I can't wait to try the other ones: Pork belly and tarragon and truffle and black truffle. Yum!

Mussels frites: Chorizo, padrone peppers, piments, broth. These mussels were huge! This was honestly the first time I had ordered just mussels and I'm so glad to start with these.

For heaven's sake I had to post this Croque Madame that a friend ordered. Not in any way allergy free but beautiful none the less.  I believe is was a grilled pork belly and gruyére sandwich topped with a fried egg and béchamel sauce. Sinful.


 Well if anyone wants to go here just call me and I'll meet you there! I'll be going back soon. :)

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