Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome CAFE RIO CO!

I fell asleep on the bus one day and woke up suddenly, looked over and saw a Gluten Free Waffle Cafe right on Burnside! I new that's exactly what I needed in life and ended up there for breakfast on my way home from work. Cafe Rio Co!
Aaron and Chelsea started this place about 2 months ago, it had been there 7-year dream. They have a very cute cafe little cafe. A counter, an espresso machine, some hot plates, a few seats and food! They use all organic ingredients and have meat, vegetarian and vegan options. They also serve high quality coffee and tea. They have pastries brought in from New Cascadia Traditional Bakery, another of my frequent stops.
I've been there twice now and can't wait for more. I haven't been able to get beyond the waffle rancheros. Matt has had the Hunny Nut Banana and the Ham and Cheese. I'll work on branching out. :) I highly recommend this place. Even if you're not an allergy-free person (like Matt). It has a great vibe, very homey, very friendly. 22nd and Burnside, if you need a date you know who to call.

Here's Chelsea HAND SQUEEZING my order of OJ. It's the best I've ever had!

Ham and Cheese Waffle

Waffle Ranchero YUM!

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