Thursday, December 2, 2010

The weekend in Seattle

After chowing at Gramma's we headed to Seattle for Thanksgiving and it was awesome. Mom, Rich, Dan, me, Rich's twin brother Andy and his girlfriend Angie. We stayed in a house on the Sound in West Seattle. It was a mansion compared to where any of us live. It was incredible to spread out and not have 5 people in mom's parlor (seated for 3-4). Andy and Angie went out on the town on Saturday but we were completely satisfied with just hanging out at the house. Big screen, big couches, big kitchen, and a hot tub. What more do you need?

THIS is vacation. Hot tub and mimosa at 1pm. Yes!

Momma made turkey soup with leftovers from Thursday.

I made a GF pizza but look at that stove!

GF dumplings are a' cookin'. Made with GF Bisquick which rocks!

Everyone else's dumplings all done.

Dan caught me in a rabbit pose. Mmm basil.

Pizza ingredients: kalamatas and fresh basil,

sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms,

Prosciutto too! So gourmet.

Whoa, what else can we put on the table!

eating, eating, eating

Luxory! The weekend was absolutely glorious. Lucky us! :-)

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  1. Yum! Love the photos. Looks like you all had fun. :)