Friday, July 23, 2010

Hamburger Buns!

SO I can eat egg yolk and wheat flour but they must be plain and separate. So if I separate the egg VERY WELL it's ok. Gramma got me an egg separator but, I think I need more practice. If I make the dough myself with just wheat flour, yeast and water it's fine too. So I made Lindsay's Hamburger Buns. I tried making them with wheat flour and egg yolks and sadly got sick so I made it with wheat flour and fake egg (BRM flaxseed meal). I also omitted the sesame seed since it's an allergy too and used soy milk. Mmmm! I had a sammich with fake-mayo already! ;-)

Nice and doughy after an hour and a half-ish.

My sweet dough scraper Gramma got me-without it this job is impossible!


This is call speed-rising.

Mmmm and yay Gramma's camera for good shots!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Runnin!

I'm not great at writing it down but, I'll try to get better. Rich and I have really been rocking it. He kicked my butt up Rocky Butte today. It sucked but, was awesome!
Day 7
Day 8 40 min. elliptical
Day 9 Ran 4 miles in 40 min. + crunches
Day 10 Ran 5 mi.
Day 11-14 ?
Day 15 BIG 53 min. run!
Day 16
Day 17 Ran 4 mi.
Day 18
Day 19 Ran 3.5 mi.
Day 20
Day 21 Ran up and down Rocky Butte in 40 min.

Back to blogging.

Well, after a short interruption due to a lost camera and some heartbreak I'm back in the game. Gramma let me borrow her camera in the mean time. I meant to take a picture of the awesome steak mom cooked tonight on our make-shift charcoal grill (the BBQ blew up) but, we just chowed down. Next time!